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Ozone Generators

Custom-made solutions

We plan, design, construct, supply and install complete ozone generators to meet your needs. We provide you with specialist advice and solutions tailored to your particular requirements.

Find out about our products:

Ozone Generator G 1 - up to 20 g/h
Ozone Generator G 1.1 - up to 25 g/h
Ozone Generator G 2 - up to 200 g/h
Ozone Generator G 3 - up to 325 g/h
Ozone Generator G 4 - up to 600 g/h
Ozone Generator G 5 - up to 1500 g/h
Ozone Generator G 6 - up to 8000 g/h


• Compact design strictly according to DIN 19627.
• No reaction products in gas, since all parts which come into contact with ozone consist of glass or stainless steel.
• Each ozone generation element is individually protected electrically, i.e. if one element fails, there will be a minor loss of ozone generation performance only.
• Indirect cooling, so no cooling water can escape into the generation room in case of glass breakage.
• High operational reliability and service life thanks to reasonably dimensioned components.
• Easy service through the use of components of well-known German manufacturers and the use of quick-release locks.
• Guaranteed ozone yield in accordance with specifications.
• Easy to use thanks to clear arrangement of functional elements.
• Monitoring and control of ozone generation through inspection window.
• Maintenance work only once a year.



Ozone Generator G1.1



Ozone Generator G3



Ozone Generator G5