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There are always people that go their own way and others that just follow. Blue Ozone Excellence
Ozone excellence now and in the future!
The Argentox Ozone Technology GmbH is a forward-looking company based in Glinde, Germany. The long-established company benefits from 63 years of experience in ozone technology and provides world wide full-service support. More than 600 customers testify to the success of Argentox Ozone Test Cabinets all over the world.

Ozone test cabinet model P 1 - 140 liters
What can ARGENTOX ozone test cabinets do?

The exposure of elastomers (rubber) to ozone leads to the formation of cracks which can considerably reduce the useful life of products. For this reason antioxidants and ozone waxes have to be added to protect most types of rubber in use. ARGENTOX ozone test cabinets offer you the optimal opportunity to simulate and measure rubber aging by means of ozone within a few days.
Our ozone text cabinets are time machines!
Ozone generator G5 - up to 1500 g/h
We plan, design, construct, supply and install complete ozone generators to meet your requirements. We offer you expert advice and solutions tailored to your special needs.

- Ozone generation up to 8 kg/h
- Compact design, indirect cooling
- High operational reliability and service life
- Use of components of well-known German manufacturers
- Guaranteed ozone yield in accordance with specifications
Our ozone test cabinets are time machines!
Our state-of-the art measuring technology will catapult your company into the future too:
We have also focused in particular on providing reasonably priced after-sales service. Our technicians operate world-wide. Local service is provided in some countries.

Blue Ozone Excellence
The “blue ozone excellence” seal on our products guarantees a high level of efficiency based on measuring accuracy. An investment in our products with the “blue ozone excellence” seal gives you extremely cost-effective solutions and guarantees accurate measurement results. Our ozone test cabinets and generators that carry the “blue ozone excellence” seal stand for such quality.
Research & Development Network
We are ready to help you resolve any problems you may have. Our Research & Development Network offers you comprehensive, high-quality support.